Entertaining Southern Style at the Lied

One of our favorite events in Lincoln is the biennial Table Inspirations hosted by the Friends of Lied at the Lied Center for Performing Arts. This year’s theme for the event was “Entertaining Southern Style”. The theme was inspired by the southern roots of this year’s speaker, Ty Leslie, a floral designer based in Charleston, SC. Ty’s designs have won numerous awards and has been featured in print, film, and television.

When considering “Entertaining Southern Style” for our table decor, we dreamt of a more relaxed, less formal setting. We imagined old school southern ladies and gentlemen relaxing at the end of the day with light food and a beverage of choice, sharing friendship, stories, and the politics of the day. Naturally, bourbon and pearls came to mind and provided the perfect juxtaposition for the story we desired to tell.

Most of the furnishings and accent pieces for our Bourbon and Pearls table came from our inventory at Sutter Place Interiors. Susan Stutheit, our Senior Interior Designer, provided china and silver from her personal collection to add a personal and intimate touch to the table. Every piece was carefully selected in order to communicate our vision of elegant hospitality.

Table Inspirations continues to be an excellent venue to connect with current, past, and future clients in a relaxed and lively atmosphere, all while supporting the mission of the Lied Center for Performing Arts.